It should be noted that the Adobe ETLA agreement does not cover all Adobe products. As in the past, you have to buy these products from the IT purchasing team. We have a CLP agreement with Adobe that gives us discounts on other Adobe products. Adobe`s information on its N.B enterprise agreements. Licenses purchased directly by Adobe are not part of our agreement and we cannot help them manage them. The new Adobe ETLA agreement can be used to acquire full sequel licenses or Creative Cloud acrobats. The Adobe ETLA agreement provides support for the product as part of the agreement, contact IT services in ext 25000 or send an email to IT departments. ETLA is Adobe`s only agreement that allows virtualization and also provides support for multiple languages. Always the latest version of the software you need with ETLA, you can standardize Adobe products for a period of three years, which means your employees are always up to date. You will receive the latest versions and updates of Adobe software that are covered by your agreement.

IT administrators can easily manage license compliance and download available software quickly and easily from a central location. Under the hybrid option, institutions license Creative Cloud for each installed instance of the software (licensing must satisfy or exceed 25% of all their FTEs) and they must also grant 100% of their FTEs to Acrobat Professional. Additional options are also available. Prices are based on annual costs under a three-year contract. The goal of this site is to enable all UCL employees to quickly and easily access information about the Adobe ETLA agreement. This page is updated if changes are made to the agreement. ETLA allows organizations to enter into a company-wide licensing agreement over a three-year period. Once the software subscription requirements are defined, the organization will make three predictable annual payments to a specific anniversary.

Making it available is simple and allows the organization`s IT administrator to create custom deployment packages and apply the latest updates when they`re ready. A few months before the agreement is renewed, the expiry notice is sent to all users whose licenses expire this year and you are asked if you would like to renew it. If you decide not to renew the software, 1 month after the expiration date will no longer work. Software Services have a new three-year ETLA contract for Adobe Creative Cloud packages all applications and Adobe Acrobat named User License (NUL) and Creative Cloud all application device licenses.