For some job classifications, specific calculations are made in their conditions of employment or in their salary management plan in relation to their appointments. Talk to your supervisor or human resources advisor or contact your collective agreement for more information. The parties agreed to create a task force consisting of a steering committee and a technical committee to develop a new staff welfare plan. The plan included income replacement parameters, treatment of existing health insurance banks and changes to sick leave in PSAC collective agreements, with wage provisions. The employer also believes that its monetary/economic offer is competitive over four years with the market and is in line with economic indicators. It also reiterates the other agreements concluded within the CPA and sa. During this round of negotiations, the partner presented a comprehensive list of proposals. The PSAC submitted 19 proposals that are joint with all PSAC groups, including economic increases above the model, two additional paid days of leave per year and an increase in leave fees. The PSAC also introduced 75 specific amendments to the PA table, including increases in provisions, new certificates and other monetary and non-monetary items that are not currently included in the DEA agreement and/or other CPA collective agreements. The collective agreement already provides for concrete deadlines and procedures for two periods of peak leave (summer and winter) that go beyond the provisions of other collective agreements. The employer argues that acceptance of such a change would have significant financial consequences and would exceed the provisions of other CPA collective agreements without justification. Similarly, the Average Hourly Wages of the Palestinian Authority exclude overtime. Upon the signing of the PA collective agreement, the employer commits to increasing the monthly funding of PSAC – TBS JLP by a percentage corresponding to the annual economic increase.

The employer`s proposed move is consistent with other collective agreements. The negotiation delegate did not provide a detailed justification for this proposal. There is no evidence of the need for this allocation and its value for money. In addition, these provisions do not exist in other CPA collective agreements or separate agencies. In the spring of 2019, the government developed a new method of calculating retroactive payments to facilitate their implementation. The government has also negotiated broader implementation times, fair compensation for staff, recognizing longer deadlines and accountability measures. All of these measures are outlined in the agreement contained in the 34 federal public service agreements. If you work a variable work week, the qualifying period for acting pay is converted to hours.

For example, if your collective agreement stipulates that the qualification period for the actor`s salary is 3 days and the working time in your collective agreement is 7.5 hours per day, you must act 22.5 hours before you are entitled to an actor`s salary.