(i) The trial period, if provided for in the employment contract, is normally 90 days. However, it can be extended for up to 180 days, with the written agreement of the parties. Third, the authorization of another driver when the applicant has more than one wife and children at school or the daughters of unmarried workers. (ii) During the trial period, any party may terminate the contract without payment of compensation or the termination of benefits, while the return costs are the responsibility of the worker. 2 p.m. weekly rest: all domestic or domestic workers are entitled to a full week off day. But this is mainly due to the agreement reached between the employer and the domestic worker in the legal employment contract. (i) The onus is on the employer to provide residences or housing allowances in lieu of the employment contract. 11-daily: Domestic workers or workers employed in a household in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be given at least nine hours of rest per day. (ii) All workers in the general category (employees working in companies/establishments) working abroad are covered by the provisions of the Labour Act. Domestic workers (domestic workers, domestic workers, gardeners, etc.), farm workers in companies with less than 10 employees, crew members on ships carrying less than 500 tonnes, workers with short-term visas, etc., are not covered by the Labour Act. Most families currently living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have employed one or more domestic workers in homes.

Despite so many domestic workers who live and work in the homes of the kingdom, few employers know the fundamental rights, rights and duties of the domestic worker or employer. First, the Saudi family may hire a domestic worker or a private driver after the financial conditions and capabilities are met. Sixth, it is permissible to allow an alternative visa for the domestic worker or special driver after issuing a final passport exit visa (stamped on the driver`s or worker`s passport) and requiring the employer to leave it within two months and present proof of it. Add an official medical report for the male or female home nurse – Others, including the following occupations (male or female nanny home – male or female physiotherapist – male or female private tutor – male or female reading specialist – language and communication specialist or other similar occupations for which a person with special needs is required. Second, divorced: 1- Civil Register for women. 2 – Legitimate agency. 3. Proof of income (employer`s certificate). 4.

Copy of the divorce certificate. 5 – Scene certified by the mayor testimony of two witnesses not to hold in relation to the marriage currently. (ii) For those considering a change of sponsorship or work, it is advisable to obtain a letter from the employer expressly stating that they do not object to access to employment in a given sector. 9th: the explanatory statement or the document of financial capacity is as follows: – employee of the state: a certificate from his employer indicating his monthly salary. – Private sector employee: social security certificate in which his monthly salary is indicated. – People who do not work in the public or private sectors file a new statement of account for a period of six months. The average monthly balance should not be less than the list in point 8. (i) The end of benefits (BSE) is allowed after two years of service for the same employer, at the rate of pay of half a month for each of the first five years and one month`s salary for each of the following years beyond five years.