9. I hereafter intend to have read and understood this agreement, that no oral statement has been made to me and that this agreement has partially explained our understanding of the purpose of this agreement. Any amendment or waiver of any of the provisions of this Agreement must be made in writing and signed by both of us. 4. Your commitments to us. You guarantee us and guarantee that you are 18 years of age or older and that you have provided us with your real name and email address on our submission form; (2) Your content is an original work that you have created and has not been published elsewhere; (3) You own the copyright to your content; 4. Their content does not contain explicit or implied factual allegations that are false, false or misleading; (6) Your content does not infringe copyright, trademarks, privacy, advertising or other third-party rights; (7) Your content does not contain viruses, worms, malware or other harmful or destructive materials; and (8) Their contents do not contain defamatory, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening, insulting, unwelcome or equally illegal material. You understand that the SU site receives a lot of traffic and is accessible to everyone on the Internet. You are solely responsible for any legal or other impact arising from your content published on the ER WEB website. They will exempt us from any damage or damage (including reasonable legal fees) related to claims, actions or proceedings on the basis of a real or alleged violation of these guarantees and guarantees.

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B if you have a reason to use legally concealable parties) or other disputes arising from or related to this material or in respect of this agreement, whose validity, construction, performance, non-performance, exploitation, violation, continuation or termination of this document result, this dispute is subject to a binding arbitration procedure. Each party hereshes out of all rights and benefits that it has in another way or which, under California laws, may have the right to challenge such litigation in court, since, in accordance with the provisions of these provisions, the parties intend to resolve all of these disputes (including arbitration of these disputes) through binding arbitration before a single arbitrator (who is supposed to be a retired judge or entertainment lawyer experienced in motion-picture law).