Horizon Standard Edition offers a simple and powerful VDI with a great user experience. Horizon Standard Edition and its components are conceded by simultaneous connection. Horizon Standard Edition includes desktop virtualization, application virtualization and virtual infrastructure. The simultaneous user license is designed for virtual environments with a high number of workers stationed where machines are shared by workers during the day (for example. B students, shift workers). No no. All order terms are subject to the CLA and are deemed valid only if they have been accepted by VMware. The order may specify the specific use of a product, but if the conditions are in conflict, look at the CLA. A change in the C.A.A. requires VMware`s written approval to change the standard licensing conditions. See VMware End License Agreement (“EULA”), Section 4. “Veeam Product License” or “Veeam License Key” is a transactional document that defines the scope of the license, license units and authorized options, as well as license conditions such as the license ID and the support identifier.

The Veeam license key is usually required to activate the software`s functionality. More information can be found in the technical documentation for helping to install product licenses. The Veeam license key defines the maximum number of licensed units to be used or processed by all objects in the connected source infrastructure. The common use of source infrastructure between different licences and licensing conditions is prohibited. Corporate licensing agreements (> 250 TUS) are also available. For more information, please contact your Lenovo sales agent. Horizon Apps is available in two editions: Standard and Advanced. Both provide reliable and secure provision of published applications with tools and features that simplify management and deliver a great user experience. Horizon Apps Advanced also optimizes application management by implementing a just-in-time application, backed by Instant Clone vMware technology. Customers who acquire an indeterminate license will have the right to permanently use any version of the software delivered before the expiration date of the support displayed in the license file.

One year of basic or production support and maintenance is included in each purchase of the indefinite license. To remain involved in product updates and support, customers must renew their annual maintenance contract. Read more about maintenance costs. VMware Cloud Foundation Overview: docs.vmware.com/fr/VMware-Cloud Foundation/2.1.3/vcf-21-ovdeploy-guide.pdf Horizon Enterprise Edition provides office and application services with closed loop management and automation.